What’s the Above-Ankle Pain After Running or Jogging


As runners, we accept that there is a risk to getting injured when running on a regular basis. One particular injury that some runners may encounter is the pain above the ankles. Here is a list of some of the conditions that may cause above-ankle pain after a running or jogging session. A lot of these medical conditions appear due to overuse.


There are several tendons around your ankle area, including the Achilles tendon and the peroneal tendons. These tendons could get affected by a condition called tendonitis, which is the inflammation or irritation of the tendons. The increasing pressure and load on the pressure may eventually cause a structural change to the tendon tissue. In addition to the pain around the ankle area, you may also observe a bit of swelling.

Sprained Ankle

The above-ankle pain may also be explained by a sprained ankle. This occurs when there is an accidental extension or tearing of the ligaments around the ankle area. Mild ankle sprains could be alleviated by using the RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) method. Serious sprains, however, may require the use of a brace or boot to stabilize the ankle area.

Stress Fractures

The pain you feel above the ankle may also be caused by stress fractures. This is when small cracks develop along the ankle due to high stress or overuse. These tiny cracks and fractures can be quite painful. It will require extended rest for the ankle area to recover.