How to Safely Treat Blisters from Running

Feet Blisters

Blisters, unfortunately, are fairly common occurrences among runners. If you start developing blisters on your feet after running or jogging then be sure to treat them the right way. Popped blisters can lead to unwanted infections so it’s important to treat them safely.

Protect the Blister
We suggest covering the blister with a loose bandage to reduce the risk of it popping accidentally. The middle of the bandage (where the padding is) should be slightly raised. Once the blister has drained, you should carefully wash the area with soap and water to keep the area clear of bacteria.

Socks with Moisture-Absorbing Abilities
One reason blisters form is due to dampness. Moisture softens the skin and this increases the likelihood of blisters forming on the skin. The best way to treat blisters is to prevent them from forming in the first place. This starts with the socks. Find a pair of socks that has some sort of moisture-wicking capability.

Check Your Shoe Lacing
Your shoe lacing pattern may impact the likelihood of blisters forming. Some runners prefer using the heel lock lacing technique, especially if they find themselves running downhill quite a bit. This technique may help prevent blisters because it stops the toes from jamming into the front of the shoes.