Why it Feels Easier to Run on the Treadmill


Those who have done a good mix of outdoor running and treadmill running might find that it’s a lot easier to run on the treadmill. There are a variety of reasons for this which we cover below.

Treadmill Belts Assist Leg Turnover

Treadmills are designed to make it easier to run. Treadmill belts assist with leg turnover, which is defined as the number of steps you can take in a specific time period. Given its smooth and even surface, runners are less likely to face friction when they run on the treadmill belt. Running outside, on the other hand, is a completely different matter as you are likely to run on various types of terrains, some of which will be a lot more uneven than others.

Well Away from the Weather Elements

It’s also a lot easier to run indoors, where you don’t need to face the weather elements. Most treadmills are located in rooms or gyms that are well air-conditioned so you are running in a fairly comfortable environment. Those who run outside on the other hand may need to beat the heat or fight against the breeze. There’s a lot more resistance when it comes to outdoor running.

Is it Worthwhile to Run on the Treadmill?

Given the above reasons, some may wonder if it’s even worthwhile to run on the treadmill. The answer is an absolute yes. You might not want 100% of your training regimen to be on the treadmill but there are some benefits to using the treadmill from time to time. It can, for example, help you with your pacing and the measurement features, such as heart rate monitors, that come with a lot of treadmills these days make it easier to track your fitness progress.

Want your treadmill workout to become a lot more difficult? You can always add a bit of incline (if the treadmill allows it). This form of resistance is a good way to build endurance over time.