How Fast Should You Run on the Treadmill?


As a newbie to running, it could be quite confusing when it comes to choosing what speed to run on the treadmill. For starters, you don’t want to overdo yourself. Treadmill exercises do come with risks. You could, for example, overextend your legs from choosing a treadmill speed that’s too fast for you. This could increase the risk of leg injuries like sprains and fractures. On the other hand, you might have picked a speed that’s too slow and unlikely to have as much of an impact on your cardio.

For beginners, picking a speed that’s too fast may also increase the likelihood of you quitting, especially if you feel winded so early on in your running session. Our recommendation for you is to follow a program like the C25K Treadmill. This program should help you establish a schedule and plan for running on the treadmill. As for how fast you should be running, a general rule of thumb is the following.

2 to 4 miles per hour is walking speed, 4 to 5 miles per hour is the speed of fast walking or jogging, and anything above 5 miles per hour is in jogging or running territory.