Running Shoes
Tips for People Who Run for the First Time in Years

Are you running for the first time in years? Here are some tips to set you in the right path.

What’s the Above-Ankle Pain After Running or Jogging

Find out why you are feeling pain above the ankles after running or jogging.

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What to Eat for Breakfast before a Half Marathon

Here are some tips on what to eat before running in a half marathon.

Cold Weather
Tips for Running or Jogging in Cold Weather

Find out if it is okay for your health to run or jog in cold weather.

Spirit of the Marathon
Spirit of the Marathon – Marathon Movie Athletes

Learn more about the running cast for Spirit of the Marathon. How they dealt with the challenges of a running lifestyle such as controlling gnats that are attracted to the sweat from running.

Running Legs
Why Your Hamstrings Hurt After Running

Here are the most common reasons why your hamstrings hurt after you do a running session.

Why it Feels Easier to Run on the Treadmill

Here are some reasons why it may feel easier to run on the treadmill.

Long Distance Running
Does Long Distance Running Make You Lose Muscle?

Find out if long-distance running like marathons make you lose muscle over time.

Leg Workout
Does Working Out Your Legs Make You Faster?

To get faster, you absolutely need to train. Find out whether working out your legs make you run faster.