How to Run Without Getting Shin Splints

Shin Splits

Shin splits are a type of pain that can occur while running or jogging. They aren’t considered to be serious injuries but may cause some discomfort and pain for several weeks, specifically along the front of the lower legs. Here are some tips on avoiding shin splits while running.

Warm Up Properly
First, make sure you do a decent warm up before you start embarking on your run. This means you should be stretching out the leg muscles such as the hamstrings and calves. The warm up should also prevent a sudden jolt in physical activity, which could be a common reason for the development of shin splits. Take things gradual. Start with a light jog before you run at your maximum speed.

Use the Correct Running Technique
People often underestimate the importance of using the correct running technique. For example, people who have a habit of landing on their heels while running are more likely to develop injuries due to the high level of impact. It’s also important that runners aren’t pushing off with their toes as this could put unnecessary pressure on the shins.

Wear Compression Socks
Some runners may find it helpful to run with compression socks. These socks support the leg muscles and also keeps the blood flowing nicely to support recovery.

If you do get shin splits, it’s extremely important that you rest and give the appropriate time for recovery. You don’t want to aggravate the shin injury by exercising too early.