Tips for People Who Run for the First Time in Years

Running Shoes

Running is probably the most accessible exercise in the world so people can easily drop it and pick it up as they please. For many of us, we may have done a lot of running when we were younger, stopped, then decided to pick it up again at some point later in life. Here are some good tips for people who are running for the first time in many years.

Start Off with Achievable Goals

You may have been a running superstar when you were a lot younger but that doesn’t mean you can just pick up from where you left off. To prevent discouragement, we always suggest starting off with small and achievable goals. You can start to increase your goals once you start getting into a running groove.

Invest in the Right Accessories

We can’t stress enough how much of a difference that high-quality running shoes can have. Start your running journey on the right foot by investing in some shoes that can reduce the pressure or impact on your legs. Wearing running shoes will also reduce the feeling of numbness that some new runners will feel on their feet.

Concentrate on Form

Running is an art. There is a correct form to running and jogging. Maintaining the correct form will reduce the likelihood of injuries to your body. When you first start running, concentrate more on form than intensity. There are plenty of great programs, such as C25K, that can help you build the right progression.