Spirit of the Marathon – Marathon Movie Athletes

Spirit of the Marathon

Spirit of the Marathon was a documentary film released in 2007. The film covers the journey of six marathon runners who go through the grueling experience of training and competing in the 2005 Chicago Marathon. Here’s an overview of the athletes who participated in this documentary film.

Ryan Bradley

As a recreational-level runner, Ryan completed his first-ever marathon while living abroad. Five marathons later, he has set sight on qualifying for Boston-A-goal, which he previously missed by about 11 seconds. During the film, you will see Ryan’s observation to realize the ultimate goal in Chicago. Bradley trains hard and experiences a marathon like never before.

Leah Caille

A first-time marathon runner, Leah is at an all-time low following an emotional divorce. She starts her path to happiness and good health by joining the “Learn to Run” program by Chicago Endurance Sports. She succeeds in running the 5K and starts to take on the ultimate challenge of qualifying and running for the Chicago Marathon.

Deena Kastor

Kastor is one of the biggest superstars when it comes to distance running. Having been a professional runner for decades, Deena has been the center of a number of national and international running records. After suffering a painful foot injury, Kastor sets her sight on the Chicago Marathon, where she hopes to have her first-ever world marathon victory.

Daniel Njenga

Daniel is another world-class runner who has followed through with his potential since a young age. Daniel is based in Japan, where he receives a number of corporate sponsorships to run worldwide. His record at the Tokyo International Marathon puts him as one of the all-time fastest runners in the world.

Other special cast mentions include: Gerald Meyers, Lori O’Connor, Joan Benoit-Samuelson, Sara Mae Berman, Amby Burfoot, and Paul Tergat.

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