Why You Should Stretch Before Running


You might have some people running or jogging as soon as they step out from their house and question whether it’s even a necessity to stretch before running. We believe that the answer is yes. You should participate in some form of effective warm up before you start running. Here are the reasons why.

Stretching Reduces Injuries
One purpose of stretching is to increase the flexibility of your muscles and joints prior to an intensive exercise. With running, it’s very easy to sprain certain parts of your leg, especially if you aren’t running on an even surface so we can’t stress enough how important it is to stretch before running.

You shouldn’t do any stretch though. We encourage you to do various forms of dynamic stretching to properly engage the muscles. Good dynamic stretches for runners include leg swings, mountain climbers, and plank marches.

Stretching Increases Performance
Stretching may support your running performance. With your body all nice and warmed up, you are less likely to feel stiff from running, especially in the initial phase.