Why Swimming is an Amazing Exercise for Runners


We believe that diversity is an important component of a running regimen and there’s no better exercise to add to your training plan than swimming.

1. Swimming Reduces Risk of Injuries
Running can put a lot of stress and impact on the joints and muscles so it’s important to take part in an exercise that can reduce the risk of injuries. The buoyancy of water counteracts the effects of gravity. This reduces pressure on the weight-bearing joints and also alleviates stress from the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

2. Swimming Can Increase Your Running Speed
That’s right, consistent swimming may help you run faster in the long-term. One study by the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology found that regular swim training could improve your running time by 13 seconds (if the running distance was about 3.2K).

3. Swimming Improves Your Cardio
Cardio is one of the key components of running and there is no better way to maintain it than by going swimming. As mentioned earlier, swimming is an excellent way to maintaining your cardio while also reducing the risk of weight-bearing injuries.

4. Swimming is an Excellent Recovery Exercise
Swimming also serves as an excellent way to recover those tired leg muscles. Your muscles are going to be very stiff after an intense running session. You need to gradually stretch them out to reduce the risks of injury. A few easy laps around the pool is one way of achieving this.